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SIRIUS Taxiway Sign Aero

The SIRIUS LED airfield taxiway signs are certified according ICAO. Can be operational or mandatory, to indicate the location or the direction on the airport.

  • CE-Mark
  • F-Mark
  • Outdoor
  • Class I

Application areas

This product can be used successfully in various applications in different fields:

  • Airfield lighting

Technical specifications

Casing materialAnodized aluminum
Power consumption10W/m 12W/m

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SIRIUS Taxiway Sign

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  • The airfield taxiway signs are in accordance with the applicable guidelines of ICAO Annex 14, 3rd edition, FAA advisory Circular 150/5345-44F, EASA CS-ADR-DSN and Transport Canada TP312.

  • Designed and manufactured in Romania, Europe

Electrical specifications

  • The airfield directional signs can be powered from one of the following alternatives:

  • a) 2,2A - 6,6A standard AGL circuit

  • b) 4,8A - 6,6A standard AGL circuit

  • c) 120/230Vac

  • d) 24 V DC from photovoltaic system

  • The electronic components are enclosed in IP67 enclosure mounted at the back of sign with easy access for electronic components are enclosed in IP67 enclosure mounted at the back of sign with easy access for installation or maintenance.

  • An optional external power switch is available as an option.

Technical specifications

  • Made of aluminium, the case provides the best compromise between weight and stiffness the best material for airfield products.

  • The taxiway sign display board is made of UV resistant polycarbonate.

  • Displayed information guaranteed for a period of 10 years

  • Front panel: made of 4 mm thick polycarbonate

  • Frangibility according to ICAO or FAA requirements, withstanding velocities up to 322 km/h wind velocities.

Photometric specifications

  • Powerful Osram LED with a lifespan of 100.000 hours.

  • Chromatricity according ICAO Appendix 1, paragraph 3.4 (airfield taxiway signs)

  • Photometry according ICAO Appendix 4 (airfield taxiway signs)

  • The back-lighting system that we use is very efficient (Max. 12W/1m of visible face).

Operating environment

  • Temperature range: -50°C to +55°C

  • Minimum protection degree: IP65

Dimension specifications

Visible panel of airfield guidance signs can be 600 or 800 mm, with character dimension of 300 or 400 mm.

Designed and manufactured in Romania

Designed and manufactured in Romania

The lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Romania, in conformity with the RoHS and CE standards.

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Custom manufacturing services

Custom manufacturing services

We provide custom manufacturing services, bringing the optimal LED lighting solutions to meet any specific requirements.

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Using LED technology

Using LED technology

Our products use LED technology to provide high luminous efficiency, very long life span, low power consumption, wide color range, very low to no maintenance expenses and plenty of other benefits.

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