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Services - Electromax


With over 25 years of experience in the lighting field, Electromax has become an important manufacturer of LED-based lighting products. We design and manufacture professional lighting solutions (explosion proof lighting, airfield lighting, obstruction lighting), as well as architectural, commercial and indoor LED lighting.

Product development

  • Defining product goals and requirements with the customer

  • Starting the product design, following specifications for: industrial, mechanical, thermal and optical design - power supply/driver, controllers, battery calculation, solar panels if required, etc

  • Providing the customer with 3D models and simulations

  • Providing the customer with prototypes

  • Implementing customer feedback into the product guidelines

  • Obtaining the required certifications

  • Mass production

Custom manufacturing services

We can manufacture custom products on demand, starting up from a simple drawing, blueprint or an idea of what the final product should look like. We developed many such projects for multiple partners including:

  • ORANGE Romania - Obstruction lighting system with alarm

  • DUBAI - The Palm Jumeirah project

  • Complete obstruction lighting system for small and medium airports

  • Lighting sytem for pedestrial crosswalks

Design and CG simulation of LED-based lighting solutions

The is a great example of a project that started from a picture of the building, as seen in daylight. Then came the lighting simulation, based on the photometric curves of the lighting fixtures we manufacture. The last picture shows the real-life end result of the same building, lit up by our lighting fixtures.

Example of CG simulation for architectural LED lighting project

This would be another specific simulation project example for one of the most beautiful churches simulated. We wanted to highlight the remarkable architecture of this place of worship, and so we did, by lighting up the crosses with a cool light, from which other rays of warmer light radiate like a halo. We did all this, using LED liniar projectors, the domes where lighted in amber, to reproduce the color of candles, a symbol of the church.

Example of development of a LED-based street lighting solution

We are constantly designing and developing new products looking to satisfy our customers' needs. It all starts with a 3D model for mechanical and optical simulations, using specialized software. The next step is the manufacturing of a working prototype of the product to be used in physical photometric simulatiotions in our lab, to analyze and optimize the real operating parameters. At last, for the endorsement, the final-stage product is tested and certified in an external lab, then shipped back with all the required approvals for mass manufacturing.