15 LED Recessed Projector Atlas

The 15 LED Recessed Projector is a modern decorative projector that has a very robust construction, which makes it durable even in heavy auto traffic

  • CE-Mark
  • F-Mark
  • Outdoor
  • 12-24V DC
  • 67
  • Class III
  • 1.5
  • 130 mm
  • 60 mm

Application areas

This product can be used successfully in various applications in different fields:

  • Garden lighting
  • Recessed lighting

Technical specifications

Casing materialAnodized aluminum
Light diffuserSticla semitransparenta (8 mm)
Casing colorStandard: BLACK
Power / LED0.65W
Total power10W
DriverIncluded (Inside the body case)

15 LED Recessed Projector

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  • This ornamental LED projector has a small size and due to LED very long lifespan, it is virtually maintenance-free.

  • With a modern design, the projector can be mounted on any horizontal or vertical flat surface.

  • The reflector has a very robust build, resistant to pedestrian and heavy vehicular traffic.

Technical specifications

  • Projector flanges are made of stainless steel.

  • The diffuser is made of 8mm thick tempered glass.

  • The housing is made of aluminum, the cover is made of stainless steel.

Operating environment

  • The IP rating of the optical compartment and the power driver is IP67

  • Nominal operating temperature from -20 to +40 °C

Photometric specifications

  • Color rendering index: 80 for WN and WW and 70 for WH

  • Luminous efficiency of white LEDs: min. 250 lm / LED for WH and min. 200 lm / LED for WW

Electrical specifications

  • Electrical insulation class III

  • Standard power supply 12-24V DC, optionally 230V AC

  • Power cable length 2m

Dimension specifications

  • 130 x 60 mm

  • Weight 1,5kg

Designed and manufactured in Romania

Designed and manufactured in Romania

The lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Romania, in conformity with the RoHS and CE standards.

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Custom manufacturing services

Custom manufacturing services

We provide custom manufacturing services, bringing the optimal LED lighting solutions to meet any specific requirements.

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Using LED technology

Using LED technology

Our products use LED technology to provide high luminous efficiency, very long life span, low power consumption, wide color range, very low to no maintenance expenses and plenty of other benefits.

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