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ASTRO Programmable clock - Electromax

ASTRO Programmable clock Accesorii

Programmable time clock for street projectors

  • CE-Mark
  • 230V 50Hz
  • IP20
  • Class II

Application areas

This product can be used successfully in various applications in different fields:

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • General lighting

Technical specifications

Power supplyStandard: 230 V AC
Total power1 W

ASTRO Programmable clock

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  • The ASTRO astronomical clock can optimally and completely automatically solve the electricity supply program for public lighting throughout the year, thus avoiding all errors occurring with the current command systems.

  • At most ON points, the photocell system is used as a means of commanding the public lighting but it is gradually abandoned by users because it does not allow a rigorous control of the Start/Stop, because photocell is being affected by fog, cloud, dust, etc.

  • Lately, users have turned their attention to the regular programmer clock system that allows the public lighting to be switched on / off at the scheduled hours desired.

  • However, this command system also has the inconvenience that over a year, periodically every 10 ... 15 days, the switching program (Start/ Stop) must be manually corrected by an operator depending on the astronomical change of the sunrise and sunset hours of the sun.

  • This equipment performs fully automatic command of public lighting strictly at the desired hours and correction of the Start / Stop hours throughout the year, depending on the sunset and sunrise hours for the geographical coordinates of the locality, thus eliminating the periodic corrections of the program, with inevitable errors caused by the human factor.

Technical specifications

  • Daily adjustment of start and stop times depending on sunrise and sunrise

  • Easy to program (text menu)

  • Version with 1 or 3 relays

  • Energy saving program

  • Minimum programming interval: 1 minute

  • Operation mode: automatic, manual

  • Holiday program (ex day of the earth)

  • Battery life: 10 years

  • 3 configuration buttons

  • Relay status indicator

  • Individual program for each relay

  • Automatic switching at summer-winter time

Electrical specifications

  • Switching current: 16A / channel

  • Nominal load: 3000VA

  • Power supply: 230V

  • Power consumption: 1W

  • Internal battery type: CR2032

Operating environment

  • Rated operating temperature from -20 °C up to +40 °C.

  • The ingress protection rating is IP 20.

Dimension specifications

  • 63 x 89 x 90 mm

  • Rail mounting DIN 35mm (omega)

Photometric specifications

Designed and manufactured in Romania

Designed and manufactured in Romania

The lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Romania, in conformity with the RoHS and CE standards.

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Custom manufacturing services

Custom manufacturing services

We provide custom manufacturing services, bringing the optimal LED lighting solutions to meet any specific requirements.

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Using LED technology

Using LED technology

Our products use LED technology to provide high luminous efficiency, very long life span, low power consumption, wide color range, very low to no maintenance expenses and plenty of other benefits.

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