New! Heliport Lighting System

This system in an integrated solution of control and power supply in heliport lighting wich follows the ICAO specifications annex 14 vol 2

pentru news schemaIt is made by:

– rack:
control sources
power supply sources
electronic circuit assisted by microcontroller
protections for interferences and overvoltage
ensures proper dimming by 10, 30 and 100%
– TLOF (circle or square of inset lights around the surface, Touchdown and Lift-Off Area)
– FATO (circle or square of inset lights around the overall landing, Final Approach and Take-Off area)
– APPROACH (a lighting system installed on the approach end of an airport runway)
– FLOODLIGHT (they are used to mark and illuminate the FATO and TLOF helping the pilot locate the Landing Zone (LZ) safely during night operations and inclement weather conditions)
– BEACON ( is being installed at an airport or aerodrome to indicate its location to aircraft pilots at night)


This integrated system uses low voltage input, presenting the advantage of reducing both electrical shock hazard and potentially dangerous insulation breakdown or spark-over