Photo-voltaic Panel System Low intensity

The Photo-voltaic Panel System is designed in order to mark obstacles in remote areas where there is no power grid close.

  • CE-Mark
  • F-Mark
  • Outdoor
  • 65
  • Class III

Application areas

This product can be used successfully in various applications in different fields:

  • Obstruction lighting

Technical specifications

Solar cellsMono sau poli cristaline
Charge capacityBaterii de 12V/24V
(Folosing un controller de incarcare)
CompatibilityBalize tip A simplu, A dublu sau B
Battery typePlumb-acid
Slide systemINOX
Skid systemOn pipe

Photo-voltaic Panel System

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  • The photo-voltaic panel system is designed for situations where it is difficult or impossible to power the obstruction light system.

  • The battery, charger and control unit are in a weatherproof housing.

  • Designed and manufactured in Romania.

Technical specifications

  • The solar module is made of mono or poly crystalline silicon solar cells.

  • The charger manages the charging process and switches the light fixtures on/off during the day/night cycle.

  • The assembly is made of stainless materials to withstand climatic conditions and allows orientation of the panel for maximum load efficiency.

  • The sliding system is designed to provide the possibility of adjusting the incidence angle of the photo-voltaic panel between 0-45 °.

Electrical specifications

  • Battery: maintenance free 12V lead-acid

  • Battery capacity: 33 Ah

  • System autonomy depends on the light fixtures used. A Power consumption of maximum 3W for the type A light fixtures and a maximum of 10W for the type B light fixtures is to be considered.

Operating environment

  • Rated operating temperature from -20 °C up to +40 °C.

  • The ingress protection rating is IP 66.

  • The impact protection rating is IK 10.

Photometric specifications

Dimension specifications

Designed and manufactured in Romania

Designed and manufactured in Romania

The lighting fixtures are designed and manufactured in Romania, in conformity with the RoHS and CE standards.

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Custom manufacturing services

Custom manufacturing services

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Using LED technology

Using LED technology

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